What's Atenlab

Atenlab focuses on development and sale of communication measurement system, provision of antenna measurement system, microwave components production line measuring system, EMC measuring system and high frequency microwave measuring system, etc., and self-development of core component in measuring system, for instance, antenna, route system, GPS, measurement software and high frequency components. In addition, we provide system integration with high-quality performance by cooperating with international brands, even becoming as an agent in order to improve customers extraordinary use experience.

How's Atenlab

Since the first business, atenlab already rooted in Taiwan more than a deacade. With over 20 employees' effort, our products, exceeding 100 sets, have been installed and operated around the world. As the largest-scale of antenna measuring system supplier in Taiwan with a wealth of experience and feedback, we have strong support on after-sales service and thus performance well.